Inspiration Monday by BeKindRewrite

I just learned about the BeKindRewrite  writing challenge and I’m giving it a try using the prompt “When you look away.”     
Have a look at their site and read about InMo for yourself.
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There wasn’t any reason why she would have wanted to think any different. Her world was spinning with so many hopes and she was precisely where she wanted to be in her life. She had achieved her goal.
When she had divorced Cooper, she was devastated, hanging her head for many more months than she would want to admit. It took a great deal of courage to pack her car and head across country with just a promise of a possible job. She was heading out where she had no friends, no family, no connections, just the will to make a new start in a place she had only visited a few times but had liked just as well. Had she conspired with her family or her friends, they would have thought her crazy. They did anyway when she told them she was leaving in two weeks. It was enough that Cooper said she wouldn’t make it and would be back in no time crying her eyes out. He always thought she wasn’t enough, even though it was her career that sustained them, and her constant moving ahead that provided all that he wanted. When she looks back after all these years and reads between the lines of the conversations she realizes she was the one with enough, the strong one and it was Cooper who, bathed in his own arrogance, burnt all his bridges and now begs off the table of others.
It was almost immediate that she fell in love with the land, and the people. Almost as if she had lived there in a previous life, if such a thing was possible. There was an obvious cultural difference but she embraced it and learned all new ways of living. That’s what she loved; she was energized by knowledge and the more diverse, the better.
Even when things became difficult, she still saw the beauty in the place. When she looked back to the days of life with Coop, she felt only sad. Part of her was still angry with him for his arrogance, for his unwillingness to let her be who she was naturally but mostly she felt sad for him that he never made much of himself.
Coop didn’t matter anymore; she was creating her own life away from the eyes of judgmental people. She realized that when you look away from your path, you are bound to fall and she didn’t have time for that now.
Copyright © Maria Norcia Santillanes


  1. An interesting beginning. Would like to read "the rest of the story". There is a short story here at the very least. H

  2. Maria! So happy to have you participating in Inspiration Mondays! This is a terrific've captured the feeling that so many divorced or divorcing women have - the need to begin fresh; the realization that they are much stronger than they (or their men) gave themselves credit for.

    Well done! :)

  3. "it was Cooper who, bathed in his own arrogance, burnt all his bridges and now begs off the table of others"

    Love this character description, Robin

  4. @robinhawke,
    Thank you Robin! I know the model for it.

  5. great story... I think I have heard it before. miss you girl friend..


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