Do NOT feed the Trolls ...

Today, after almost four years of blogging, a "troll" showed up on the blog. If you don't know, a troll is someone who comments in an inflammatory way, is completely off topic, their claims make no sense to the posting and who's purpose is ... well, I don't really know what their purpose is at all. Oh! and they are most always anonymous, as this one was today.
The "trollface", first appearing in 2008, is often used to indicate trolling in contemporary internet culture.[1] Modern usage of the word itself dates from 1980s. From Wikipedia
This troll commented about how awful (say what?) this blog was and then wrote "Check out my website at blahblah dot com" ... it was one of those loan companies that charge crazy interest to people in dire need.
Are you kidding me! This is not even a smart troll! 
I'm sure the whole purpose was to incite me to open the link and most likely be smacked with a nasty virus.
The nice thing about the blog moderation feature is that I don't have to include that comment. I can and do approve comments that contribute something to me, to the post or the blog in general. 
After all, it is my party, so to speak! 
I write this blog because I like to write, because it's a record of what interests me. It's not a serious or intellectual blog ... it's for fun, easy reading. Sure, I want people to read it and if they have constructive criticism, I'd be happy to hear it but I don't have to accept hateful comments. 
Not on my blog, not in my life!

...And this is the max amount of time I will give to this subject ... my "This is Spam" button took care of the problem and now on to fun stuff like my post about our weekend Cognac party coming up soon!


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