A fond farewell ... I'll Have Another

I'm really very sad to hear that Triple Crown hopeful I'll Have Another will not be running in the Belmont Stakes. It could of / would of been the first time I'd have placed a bet on a horse race in years ... since I was in college. I attended school in NY, so a bunch of my college friends and I would get together sometimes at Yonkers where they have the Trotters and where the owners have added a casino in recent years, boy have times changed. We would also ride out to Aqueduct or Belmont, it was all just for fun.
That's when I became enamored of these beautiful sentient beings we call  Horse. I once went to a horse race in St. Croix ... just a track and a few bleachers, most people stood but not by choice and the local ladies would sell cokes and chips. So much fun!
Even so, with so many potential bets on I'll Have Another, the purse would have been pretty small and that would have been okay, it's about the fun and the anticipation.

I'll Have Another developed swelling in his left front tendon which looks to be the beginning of tendinitis. Confirmed by the Vet, the owners felt it best to side with caution. I am actually happy the owners cared enough to consider the welfare of the horse and not just run him into the ground for the chance at fast money.
It will be nice to watch when I'll Have Another leads the post parade today at Belmont ... sort of a fond farewell. I just loved it when his Jockey, Mario Gutierrez said "He'll be my hero forever." I'm sure its hard for everyone involved with this horse to accept he won't be running and won't have the chance at the Triple Crown. It will all be well though, I'm sure. I'll Have Another will head to a nice grassy ranch where there are plenty of good snacks, people who love him and a stable of fine fillies to keep him engaged.
He really was something in the stretch! 
USA Today 


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