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I would like to introduce JoEllen Krauss, our newest guest poster. JoEllen is a freelance writer for Providian Medical and a specialist in OB/GYN ultrasounds. She loves to read and write about books she has read.  In the following post she shares interesting reads for moms who need that much-deserved break in the land of pages and letters.

Mamas deserve to Get Lost in a Good Book
Summer is the time when many school-aged kids enjoy not having to pick up a book, but it is the complete opposite for many moms. Without the need to rush children to and from school, lessons, practices, and other late August through June obligations, summer can be a time for moms to relax with a good book or two. Whether reading from the comfort of an air conditioned home or outside on the beach, moms have many choices when it comes to what they select to read. Although every person's preferences are different, the following books are sure to entertain. 
For the romantic at heart, "Crossing the Borders of Time" by LeslieMaitland is a post-war story showcasing a daughter's desire to find her mother's former love. "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by HelenSimonson takes readers back to an English village and tells a very sweet love story at the same time.
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Moms looking for a bit of adventure should pick up a book like "Blonde," by Joyce Carol Oates. About the unseen life of Marilyn Monroe, this book may help those women who feel overwhelmed with their busy lives cope. Another option is "The Magus" by John Fowles. Stuck at home with their kids for the summer, women can easily lose themselves in the story of a man that simply wanted life more interesting. 
Those who want a bit more of a long term commitment in the form of a series of books have their choices between fantasy in the likes of "The DarkTower" series by Stephen King, which is a series of six novels that tell a continuing story, or a gratuitous series that started out as fan fiction with the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy. This trilogy has gained so much popularity over the last few months that there are few who have not heard of it, but it is a quick read, perfect for a long day out by the pool - if you feel comfortable reading it in public, that is. A third trilogy, StiegLarsson's "Millennium" series includes "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," which has already been adapted into more than one successful movie.
Supernatural themes are quite popular these days, but so are autobiographies and memoirs. These exist for  education, like the books written about Presidential candidates like Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama. With an election coming up this fall, moms can stay educated during the summer months, or choose to read more frivolous and fun memoirs, like any of comedienne Chelsea Handler's works, Jenny McCarthy's book, or even that of Ellen Degeneres. 
Spending the day outside and relaxing does not mean that a mom has to neglect her duties around the home, because there are books that can provide ideas for crafts, projects, and recipes that can be used in the home long after the summer months have passed. Although cookbooks by The Food Network stars like Guy Fieri and Giada De Laurentiis aren't exactly something that can be read end to end, and "Dress Your Best" by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London may only provide some helpful tips and advice, they can keep even the busiest moms intrigued. 
It simply depends on personal preference, but there are books out there to suit every taste. From fantasy novels to tell-all works about the lives of celebrities, the choices are endless, and with the ease of portable e-readers, books have become as portable as cell phones. Despite having kids home for three months, moms deserve a summer break as well. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, sometimes all it takes is picking one title, and going from there. The subject of one book may be similar to that of another, and moving from book to book can provide entertainment as well as define tastes. Whether falling in love with Christian Grey or learning more about the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe this summer, mamas definitely deserve the right to lose themselves in a good book.

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  1. I'm definitely interested in Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, thanks for the wonderful reviews. By the way, I couldn't even finish Fifty Shades...terrible writing and unlikable guy. But i'm one of the few I guess. I'm on the blog hop today, would love it if you would stop by!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog-the decision that changed my life)


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