Fat Tuesday celebration at Crawdaddy's

My boy and I never pass up an opportunity to celebrate Fat Tuesday. We both really enjoy the music and extravagance and of course the food. We stumbled upon a New Orleans style restaurant in the quaint little beach town of Jensen Beach called Crawdaddy's

 All of the wait people were dressed for the occasion, some were over the top but our waitress was really quite adorable and a very good server too. It is always so nice, adding to the experience, when the server is good at their job.

The restaurant started to fill up pretty quick. The music playing was great and really set the mood. I ordered a Hurricane and it was a well done mix of rums and juices.

 We ordered the Crawdads which came in a wonderful garlic sauce, just the right creole spiciness and a bit of a tang. It was delicious. I asked about the garlic sauce but was told it was a secret. 
A big round of french bread was served to dip in the garlic sauce. 
After the crawdads, I had the Gumbo soup and the boy had the Lobster Bisque soup. 
Both were great!

The band started playing outside and they were damn good. Nice mix of zydeco, blues and jazz.

Band members were working to make it memorable.

It was all good.

A good night, but we can't stay too long as the boy has work to finish for school, so we had 
to head home but it looks like it'll be an enjoyable night for those who are sticking around.

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