Where is the Postman?

I love to receive mail. Not e-mail, not text. Just old fashioned {handwritten, put it in the envelope, address it with a 'to' and 'from,' put a stamp on it, in the post box, delivered by the post man/woman} kind of mail.

Here is why ...

The expectation is the enjoyment. From the moment you find the envelope in your post to the moment you find a quiet place to sit down to relish the moments is a wonderful expectation, then ... 

Looking at the handwriting, opening the envelope, starting to read:

"Dear Mari’,"

Receiving a handwritten letter opens the part of your heart that is so ready to share intimacy. 

Simple as that!

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  1. I love receiving letters, and writing them too. I also love pretty stationery.

    1. There is such peace in it. Both in the sending and in the receiving. ~M


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