Steeped in Evil ... A Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs ... A readers review

I have just finished the most recent installment of Laura Childs’ Tea Shop Mysteries, Steeped in Evil and once again, she has written a satisfying mystery with plenty of twists and turns. Three times I thought I knew who dun nit’ and interestingly the culprit was the first one I had considered. I liked that there was enough to throw me off track but I also enjoy the author’s sense of place. Although the locations are fictional, the backdrop is Charleston and since I have lived in the area, I can believe that any one of her settings could very well be a real place. The characters could very well be local Charleston characters and the many events that the main character Theodosia attends could very well be real events in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, and surrounding area.

This particular story veered away from the typical Tea Shop Mystery formula and a common character Det. Tidwell was given a back seat, replaced by a new law enforcement character who I think could be developed more fully and find his way into future stories. I appreciated the slight change.

I also enjoy the Tea Shop recipes that are shared at the end of the story and although I have not tried any yet, I plan to do so soon enough.

This is a good read, part of a likeable series and if you enjoy cozy mysteries and the lowcountry, this is the series for you.
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