Monday Mull

On Friday I had an unexpected conversation with my ‘boss’ who seems to only look for the negative.  I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t like me. That’s the impression I’ve had since I first met him. I’m just too old to tolerate the nonsense that goes on in corporations. They are like giant high schools chuck full of all the famous characters from those days including the jocks, the cheerleaders, the cool kids, the nerds, and the bullies. You can guess where my boss fits.  In a bare short time I will be eligible for social security if it’s still around and I can’t imagine myself listening to the prattle of a man half my age that has no people skills whatsoever until the time I could retire. It’s time for me to move on … I just need to figure out where to go. Focus … Focus!

I watched the super bowl on Sunday at my sister’s home; well I munched on the goodies, flitted about, chatted with the ladies and was basically bored by the actual game being played. I did love that Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale's. Just not a sports fan.

The snow came again Sunday night into Monday and this time with a vengeance. Awake in the dark of morning as usual, I took Cody dog out for his constitutional. The snow reached his stomach. He wasn’t pleased and neither was I.

Schools were closed and my boy spent just about all of the day moving snow. First he worked on our driveway, walkway and area around the post box. He then proceeded to help the woman across the road. He was exhausted when in mid afternoon he was still moving snow and the flakes started to fall again. It’s still very messy out there and I doubt it will be any better tomorrow.

I can’t wait for the cold and snow to be gone. I’m much more a sun and fun type. I didn’t bother checking but I would imagine Punxsutawney Phil proclaimed another six weeks of winter. I did however light candles for Imbolc (St. Brigid’s Day or Candlemas) to mark the season’s change of light. Meanwhile I’ll keep dreaming of seashells and flip flops, sun and sand.

It’s a night to stay at home in comfort and warmth with a good book or blog, maybe I’ll write a bit more, maybe I’ll just pray for focus.

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