Where dreams go ...

She ran down the steps and out to the front yard. She knew he would come to her eventually. She looked every way to see where he was, maybe he went 'round back, maybe he wanted to play hide and seek. Hopefully, he had brought a surprise for her and maybe today would be the day that she got to spend time with him.  Maybe today she would sit in his lap and he would tell her how much he loved her and when he would be home forever. She thought she saw him. He was wearing a trench coat and a hat and he brought a friend who was dressed just the same.

But it wasn't him; these men looked somber. She saw her mama open the front door and talk to the men. She didn't feel good when she saw her mama touch her throat and look over at where she was standing. She could tell mama was sad and so she ran, ran all the way around the side of the house, behind the swing set and further into the bushes that led to her secret hiding spot and she cried. She cried because she knew. She cried because she would have to live in a world where Daddy's didn't come home, where men in trench coats came and took dreams away.


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