E-Readers vs. Print Books - Which is the better choice?

I just read an interesting article about the efficiency of an E-Reader vs. a Print Book and although I like to think of myself as doing my best to be careful of the environment I had never thought about which method of reading is more eco-friendly.

I have books in both forms and generally, if it is a book written by a favorite author, I will purchase the print book. Often with favorite authors I like to have a signed copy. If it is a new author or one that I don't read the works of very often, I will purchase it through my Kindle.

How do you like to read? Take a moment to review the info-graphic below and you can read the full article by Custom Made on their blog. Share your thoughts in the comments.

P.S I did a bit of reading about Custom Made because I hadn't heard of them before and I found that one of the things they stand for is quite dear to my heart; U.S Made Goods. "Custom Made wants to bring craftspeople to shoppers, betting on consumer interest for U.S. made goods built by trade professionals."  I like companies that want to 'change the rules!'

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