Live life, Love life … Hug your babies

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It was a report on the television and a posting on a blog where I learned of two separate incidences where people lost their lives in senseless accidents. In a flash, they’re gone!

It made me start to think of how important it is to live each day to its fullest because, well, you just never know what is down the road waiting. I thought of Tim McGraw’s hit song a few years back ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ and I went looking for ‘Boy’ to give him a big hug and tell him why he’s so important and so loved.

People just trudge through life sometimes, forgetting that each day could be cherished. I do it sometimes … though I try to always count my blessings and be grateful for everything and every person in my life. I know it’s important to offer some kind words everyday because I know they have a reciprocal effect and I know that sometimes just a nod says everything. But most of all, I know I have to live my hearts desires and climb my personal mountains, working on them each day, not ever being afraid to reach the top.

So, I continue to believe it is OK to walk in the rain without an umbrella. I continue to hug my ‘Boy’ at a whim and I remember to include all who have walked a trail with me in my prayers. And my favorite piece of advice for everyone is sometimes you should eat your desert first! Whatever desert that might be.

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