Hearts Home

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It was just a decree and a gavel, the possibilities endless, and the open road in front of me. No plan, just the butterflies in my stomach. Coming down nine mile hill, the lights of the city shown bright and I felt the promise that it was my life, part two. I had left the east, the place of my youth with all its pomp and tradition, my white house and my cats, morning coffee on the beach and the man of my youth.

Found myself riding into that beautifully enchanted place. So easy it was, to fall in love with the land, the people, the wide open space and the freedom to create with abandon. Slowly, my world happened, and each night I stared up at the mountain glowing pink with a wish for all that was good. It brought me good friends who are forever, new love that couldn’t stay and a child who will always be my true life inspiration.

But once again, on the wrong side of the country, with all its pomp and tradition, no white house or cats, no mornings on the beach and no man to fill my time. Where my heart calls out, it’s time to go home … to that spirited place, where the people hold rein on my heart, to the wide open land, where the freedom to create with abandon lives and start my life, part three.

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  1. beautifully written:) there's no place like home...i hope you find your way!



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