A day at the Renaissance Faire

Last weekend, my sister (I'll call her Beach Walker Sis), my dear Beachwalker Boy and I went to the NY Renaissance Faire. It was the first time I had gone since I was just a college student quite some time ago. I learned, as we were driving there, that my sister's husband thought I was going to show up dressed in character. It's been a while since I've been that bold but then I hadn't seen my brother-in-law in a long time and I guess he still had pre-conceived notions of my behavior. Hmmmm! Could have been fun had I thought about it but then had I done so, I’m sure “Boy” would have died a thousand deaths.

It was a perfect day. There was a cool breeze that was definitely welcome after the heat wave that had recently occupied the days and there was a bit of cloud cover. It made for a delightful time walking around the faire because in upstate NY, it can get pretty dang hot and humid. I don’t care for NY weather but that’s a story for another day.

So what’s a Renaissance Faire without a Joust Tournament! The joust is my favorite part and I’ll admit I do enjoy keeping an eye on the normally handsome men riding full speed at each other

We raised our voices to cheer Sir Scarlett and waved our flags high but alas Scarlett let us down and Sir Ivanhoe stood in victory. It was great tournament and at the end, all of the characters paraded through the courtyard in their finery and the children were invited into the yard to be knighted by the Queen. Needless to say, that was beneath my dear tween, Beachwalker Boy but I’m sure he’ll be someone’s Knight in Shining Armor one day, no need to rush.

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