Beautiful Blankets and Bedding ... Made in the USA

This is my current collection of Pendleton Blankets. The best, warmest and coziest blankets you'll find anywhere ... and all Made in the USA. I love the bright colors and design.

This is the blanket that I would like to get next. This Red, Cream and Black Navajo Water Blanket is just beautiful. I'd like to feature it as a wall hanging because to my eye, it's a piece of art.
Navajo Water Blanket
Wrought Iron Blanket Hanger

I'm also interested in this beautiful Grey San Miguel Blanket Collection. The grey, red and white colors would be so nice in a bedroom ... the dark colors lend themselves well, I think, to a male room. Perhaps it might be nice for Beachwalker Boy's bedroom.

Grey San Miguel Blanket Collection
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  1. they are so unique, I love them:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by FK to say Hi. So nice to meet you and discover your wonderful site.


  3. Those beds are gorgeous and I love that they’re made in the USA! Online shopping bedding collection


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