Chicken Tomatillo Soup

Oh, I just love this soup. Perfect in any weather for dinner or lunch. I think you might like it too!
Tomatillos are usually a warm weather, summer/early autumn fruits but you can get them off season. You can also grow Tomatillos in beds or in containers. There are so many recipes for Tomatillo.

Tomatillo's are ripe when they are firm, green, shiny and still in their husks and how wonderful that they are filled with all the good things that are good for us ... Vitamins C and K, niacin, potassium and fiber.

Fill your slow cooker with the following:

(I always suggest using organic ingredients if you can, especially for the chicken)

2 pounds of diced tomatillos,
2 chicken quarters,
1 1/2 cups of dried Peruvian (Peruano) beans, 
1 sliced jalapeƱo,
1 diced onion,
2 cloves of peeled garlic,
and a teaspoon of salt.
Cover with water, about 4 cups,
Set it to cook on low for the day about 8 hours.

This pot will morph into delicious, sweet and tangy broth with the tenderest of beans and soft tastes of chicken. You'll just have to fill a bowl, dip some pieces of tortilla or cut a good chunk of rustic bread and a pour a glass of wine ... and enjoy!

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