One Kind of American Experience

I'm glad I wasn't able to sleep tonight because I got the chance to watch this feature on television. This was an intriguing look at American life and I found the comments made by Brewster and his wife, at the very end of the film, to be insightful and important. Only once in the film was it mentioned that the girls did not struggle as much as the boys in the school environment and I think that should be explored further. The film only touched upon it, perhaps for a different documentary. I've bookmarked this film for my son to watch because the lessons learned here cross all cultures.

My title 'One Kind of American Experience' is important to me in this blog because this is not suggestive of the entire nation. I'm bringing attention to this because I know I have readers from outside the US. This is a film of a family's experience in a large city ... New York in this case, but it would most likely not be the experience of a family living in more rural areas of the country.  That said, I still believe there are lessons for all people in this film. Let me know if you agree ...

The film is long so you may want to set aside some time. 

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Season 26Episode 16

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