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Today I woke very early, at 3:09 AM EST to be exact and was unable to sleep. It turned out that was an okay thing since I ended up watching a really good documentary on television. My earlier blog includes the link to the video.

I want to share some thoughts and also what I believe I have always known but saw first hand in this story about two children, who happen to be black Americans, attending a private school in New York City. The fact that they are black in America attending a school where they are the minority is important in this story but I saw something else that I thought was important too. Specifically, what is happening in American society that the school experience for boys is so different from girls. Only once does the film speak about how the girls, also black, do not experience the issues that the boys do. Yes, yes, yes, there are learning differences between boys and girls, we know that but it seems something else is going on as well. Are boys being treated differently ... forget race for a minute ... are the boys perceived by teachers and administrators differently? I ask this question as a parent of a boy.

What do you think? When I commented on the Public Television site, I mentioned my thought. I wonder if I'll get a response. I think it's a conversation that should be opened.

But here is what I believe I've always known as a parent but have had it reinforced through this film.

  • Parents make the best decisions they can with the information on hand
  • Advocating for your child is an imperative
  • All parents want the best for their kids and all kids try hard to please their parents
  • Every experience, good or bad, has value
If you have the time and the interest, watch the film. I think you will enjoy it, perhaps learn something you didn't already know or confirm your beliefs about society. Perhaps it will make you take action and that wouldn't be so bad.
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