Return to Tradd Street by Karen White ... a review!

This book, the fourth in the Tradd Street series by Karen White has me a bit perplexed. I read the first three books and gave five stars to each; however, I just cannot do that for Return to Tradd Street.  The main character, Melanie, is becoming quite annoying with her negativity and constant mind chatter that doesn’t seem to be in harmony with reality. There didn't appear to be a real reason why Melanie should be nursing a broken heart.  As well, there was so much more that could have been developed in the story including back-stories and character formations for the Detective and the Gilberts. I don’t know why characters Rebecca and her fiancĂ© Marc Longo had a role in the story at all.   It took me considerably longer to finish reading this book than it would normally take a book of this size.  I kept putting it down; it wasn’t a page-turner like the others in White’s series.

I am normally quite interested in White’s writing and the manner in which she forms her story and even though this book did not strike my fancy, I am familiar enough with White’s books and her writing style that she will continue to be a favorite author and should there be a fifth in the series, I’ll certainly read it.

Other books that I've read and enjoyed by Karen White are:
The Memory of Water



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