Jackson's Pond, Texas by Teddy Jones

I wasn’t expecting much from this book, I had never heard of the author and hadn’t seen any reviews for it but I was quite surprised at the pleasantness of the writing and the sweetness of the story. Told through the viewpoint of the various characters, we follow Willa from a young girl through to her twilight years and we learn how a life well lived could be in this Texas town where the pond is a metaphor for Willa’s aging.

I read this book on a Kindle so I didn’t have the book in hand to easily chart my progress and except for seeing the percentage read, wasn’t acknowledging how quickly I was moving through the story. When I unknowingly reached the last chapter I felt a momentum building in the story, something very specific but I don’t want to add what could be a spoiler so I won’t elaborate and I was anxious to see where it was going and then I unknowingly reached the last page and boom, it was over. I was so surprised I actually went back through the Kindle, a tedious affair, and re-read the last chapter wanting to know if I had missed something. I guess I did miss something because it was indeed the end and I didn’t get it. It was sudden and unexpected.

I really did think this was a delightful story and would recommend it to others simply because it is a delightful story with likeable characters and filled with honest feelings but also because perhaps you’ll see what I missed and enjoy it all the more.

Teddy Jones is the author of five other books including her latest Well Tended released in 2014. Teddy's books can be purchased at Amazon and at all the usual places including B&N, however I hope you will support small business and shop a local independent bookstore such as Blue Bicycle in Charleston, Bookwork’s in Albuquerque  or one right in your neighborhood. 

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