Being a writer

I've been reading what others have done to move closer and closer to that space where they are comfortable calling themselves a writer, where being a writer is their work.  I’m slowly crawling there though it is harder than one might think.  I’ve been comfortable saying I would write more and I’ve been comfortable saying that I’m willing to share my writing with the world, but am I really? 

Must you have a publishing house give you a title or are you a writer once you pen your first story and present it to the world.

It’s incredibly hard to put one’s self out into the world knowing that you will face rejection time and time again.  Even with a simple blog, I find this to be true.  Many of my friends don't know I have a blog.  I guess it is easier to put myself out into the world among people with whom I do not really know, but I am getting bolder.  Admitting that is a first step for me.

Was I a writer from the very moment I handed my fourth grade teacher, Miss Caro, a fake book report?  The class was assigned a book report and we were told to choose a book from the library and write a review, a book report as they were called back then.  I loved the library as a child and I still do as an adult but I did not go to the library for that assignment and I did not pick out a book to read.  Instead, I wrote a review of a story I made up.  I created a story, title, and author, and then wrote a review.  I barely remember the story, after all these years, except for the main character who was a young wheelchair bound girl who struggled at school.  The review of my fake book is what I handed to Miss Caro as the book report she assigned. 

She never knew or if she did, she chose not to say anything.  I still wonder if she was just a little curious about the book for which I was supposedly reporting as she could have easily checked to find the title and author did not exist.  Well, she gave me a high mark and that was important at the time, that and the freedom to write, and make my own story.

You see, it is easier when you are a child, when you have nothing to lose.   


~~~ Sharing is always appreciated and your comments make my day.


  1. Aw, I don't think you have anything to lose sharing your writing with others. I can relate to how it's scary putting your work out there, though. What a cool kid you were to make up a story and write you own review! I always stayed within the lines and was afraid of messing up as a kid. Still sort of that way now…but I'm trying to let go bit by bit. Hope you share more of your talent with the world! :)

  2. I am trying! When I think about what I did as a child, I just smile. I so wish I had kept the work. Your support is truly appreciated. I am heading over to your blog to have a look. ~M


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