excerpts from untitled

    "As Lyn sipped her coffee, she remembered days spent as a child with Aunt Claire singing and dancing in her garden while they picked flowers for the table and veggies for a salad.  They would make rag dolls of old cloth and put on mini plays at the table in the sun room and they made sure to have plenty of afternoon tea parties.  Lyn would put on mounds of her Aunt’s jewelry and a big hat and she would serve real tea and sugar cookies, made earlier in the day, while showing off her best manners.  Then they would head to the stable for a ride on their favorite horses before the afternoon would close.  Her Aunt Claire had made Lyn’s childhood magical"

   "Lyn knew of her French heritage, her Aunt and her mother were French, her father was an American but she could hardly believe her Aunt left an apartment in Paris. A vision of Paris somehow reminded Lynn of Aunt Claire saying, “But you know mon trésor, your life was always meant to be beautiful.”         © 2014

*excerpts from untitled are snippets of a larger piece that I am working on, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
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