Doing for others ... life's most urgent call.

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?" ~~Martin Luther King

While scrolling through posts on Facebook this morning, I found quote after quote from Martin Luther King, some with inspiring pictures of the man himself in honor of his day and in remembrance of what he stood for during his short lifetime. All wonderful and important quotes to remember and to share. 

Many understand his cause as only a black/white issue but is it really? Racism may have been the seed but his cause became so much bigger, so much more diverse. In my simple worldview, it all comes down to one thing and King expressed it beautifully when he told us that doing for others is life's most urgent call. 

Isn't that what it's all about? Relationships ... 

We have relationships with every other being in this world, simply because of the nature of life and human living. It makes sense to do for others; it makes sense that doing for others is what upholds humanity. If each person helps another, without judgment, without cynicism, without superiority, we uphold them and build community, a place to come together. 

The simple act of doing something for someone else tears down walls, makes good neighbors, builds trust, opens communication, creates a space where sharing is normal and skin colors don't matter, where nationality is a proud blessing in which others could share in the culture, where differences disappear. 

That's the world of grace and acceptance where I could surrender.

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