Mustang Spring Stories & Poems by Deanna Dickinson McCall

I spent a good long week reading Mustang Spring: Stories & Poems by Deanna Dickinson McCall. It was much longer than I would normally take to read a book of 154 pages but you see there were stories to think about, poems to sit with and feelings to feel and in one particular story that touched home for me, tears to be cried.
This is not a sweet book. This is a book of raw emotion depicting ranch life as it truly is including the good and the bad, the coming together of community and the real terror of how nature can take its toll. Deanna’s writing is to the point, she doesn’t skip the pain, she doesn’t hide the facts and she doesn’t use flowery descriptions because to do so would not do justice to the life ranchers live to provide the food that comes of cattle and to care take the land.
For anyone who does not know the ranching life, there is a bit of education in these pages and for those that do; there is an understanding and a sense of the familiar. I enjoyed this read and have earmarked a few poems and stories that I truly enjoyed and I will go back and re-read them from time to time.

Deanna and her family ranch in southern New Mexico. To learn more about Deanna and her writing, visit her Facebook page at Deanna Dickinson Mccall Author. He book can be purchased at Amazon.
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