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This morning I was writing a note to a friend of mine who is thinking about visiting Sullivan's Island in SC and she asked me about restaurants on the island. After rereading the note, it dawned on me that I could post my answer (slightly altered to hide her identity) right here for everyone else who is considering a trip. You really don't have to leave the country to get that sultry island feel.

Hey 'DF,'
I love how you get so prepared for your visits to the lowcountry. Sullivan’s Island is such a sweet place. If someone asked me what my favorite beach of all time is, I’d have to say Sullivan’s. To answer your question about restaurants though I’d have to start with Dunleavy’s Pub, the locals love Dunleavy's Pub for quick, tasty lunches. This was a ‘go to’ for my boy and me when we just wanted a good lunch while we were on the island. Across the street is Poe’s Tavern named for Edgar Allen Poe. There are a few interesting stories of Poe’s time on the island. They have great burgers; my favorite is the Annabelle Lee. It’s a Charleston style crab cake on top the burger with a Remoulade sauce. Don’t expect to eat for the rest of the day after that. My other fave is their fish tacos, light, so, so fresh and very tasty. The atmosphere in the evening is delightful, usually crowded; get there early for a seat on the patio. A bit down from Dunleavy’s is a wonderful coffee house / bakery called CafĂ© Medley where my boy and I would stop for coffee (Hot Cocoa for him) and a muffin before heading down to the beach to hunt shells in the early morning. You’ll see lots of locals here getting their morning fix. Sullivan’s Restaurant is also a good choice as is Home Town BBQ among others that you’ll find just driving up and down Middle Street and over Breach Inlet to Isle of Palms, another adventure for you to take.
There are a few new restaurants on SI that I haven’t tried but so many people have told me are great. The Obstinate Daughter has gotten great reviews and the items pictured on their website look wonderful.  Salt is also new and I’ve heard mixed reviews but mostly good and I’ve heard they have a nice Happy Hour. You’ll have to report back if you go to either.
While you are visiting the island, take in a bit of history and check out the Lighthouse, and Fort Moultrie. Rent a bike at Sealand Adventure Sports and get intimate with the island neighborhoods and of course the beach which is the star attraction. Sunset is a spectacular time of day with a cocktail and friends. There is still a bit of sultry wildness to Sullivan’s Island, a place to put down the technology and just relax in the breeze.

PS Check out the Facebook page called Glimpses of Charleston for a daily fix of beautiful photos of the Holy City. The picture here is of my boy some years back on SI hunting treasures.

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