The courage to BELIEVE

I spent some time this morning posting some of my writing to twitter just to see if it attracts interest. Several pieces have already received 'hits' which gives me a comfortable warm feeling. Every now and then I BELIEVE in my writing and I push myself to sit at the page and write. You could probably find several posts to that effect in this blog alone, many more handwritten in the journals that fill my drawers maybe even using the word believe. It’s not always easy for me to write. I get stumped, I change my mind, I get new ideas, I procrastinate, I draw stick figures, I wander through blogs, waste time scrolling facebook, make coffee and marvel at those authors who can crank out book after book while I can’t even get past a decent short story. I know they are formula writing but I can’t seem to get myself to write using a formula. I need to see the story in my head, in color, animated in a series of pictures like a movie reel, moving and breathing in my frontal lobe and that’s how I can get the story to paper, one picture, one word, one sentence at a time and that takes me a while.
So my chosen word for 2015 is BELIEVE, not in one particular thing like 'I believe I can write a book' but a belief that I am surrounded and protected and I can manifest all that is good, positive, successful and life sustaining and if a book is birthed then voilĂ !
More than that, I don't want to 'do' belief, I want to 'be' belief. The word BELIEVE holds so much space for things like confidence and courage, and goodness ... and grace. There is a kind of magic that allows beliefs to ride the waves of the universe, permeate the air and infect all around us. Being happy, positive, and loving begets a grace that uplifts those around us. Of course, the opposite is true as well. These things I’ve known for a long time.  This year I will have glorious, amazing, courageous belief.

What is your word for 2015?

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  1. I believe in YOU. Writers write. Let's get started!!


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