Monday Mull

It was a quiet weekend, mostly spent tucked inside my home where it was warm. I had totally forgotten about freezing rain having lived in more accommodating weather most recently. The whole area woke Saturday morning to walkways, driveways and streets covered in glistening ice so much so that major interstate roads were closed for long distances. 
Walking Cody dog was certainly an adventure, not so much for Cody who seemed to know just how to navigate over the ice. He did seem to realize that he should just take care of business and get back inside where it was warmer and where breakfast awaited him. Watching the television was pretty interesting with news stations showing clips of cars just sliding around the roads only stopping when they crashed into something.
Since there was no way I was going to go out in the weather I just did all the normal chores most people do when they are home. In between I helped my boy with his essay for school. He had to create an argument as to why the literary canon should be modified to include modern works, more women authors and multi-cultural authors. Of course being the teenager that my boy is, he couldn't help but ‘zing’ his school’s curriculum and I had to help him understand that in doing so he took the chance that his teacher would be offended and perhaps give a lesser grade. Not fully convinced I was right, he still found ways to insert his opinion. That’s my boy! The final product was really quite good and I am very proud of him. Secretly, I’m pleased as pie that he inserted his opinion about how students should be given a choice in literary reading. J

Sunday was much of the same, cold weather and bad road conditions continued and so it became another comfort day at home. I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with my boy. He showed me some very funny YouTube videos and we spent most of our time just laughing. He taught me hip hop moves and I looked ridiculous trying them out but we had the best time and lots of laughter. Laughing is a good thing and when you get a chance to laugh with your teenager, then life is certainly good. 

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