Monday Mull

It’s the first Monday after the long winter holiday, the first full day of the full moon and I’ve just finished working at my day job. That’s the one that pays the bills and provides the highest degree of stress. No charm there! I wasn’t particularly excited to get the holiday over with and would have loved to have a few more beautiful days of rest and relaxation.

My Cody dog, Head Security Wrangler and Snack Boss was also a bit hesitant to make the final decent to the lower level where my studio resides. He was rather cozy where he was and I had to call him twice. He eventually made his way to his favorite chair and made himself comfortable in his doggy-dog way.

Even though it was a productive day with the two leads I secured for the team, I would have been much happier spending time working on my writing or anything other than what I was committed to for my day job.

The weather was bitter cold today and when I brought Cody outside at lunch time, he sniffed the air, looked around, quickly took care of business and headed back as quick as his paws would take him to the warmth of his chair. Then I enjoyed a little daydream of being at the beach soaking up the sun and fun.

Sullivan's Island, SC
It was a pretty simple Monday, I did feel good about the leads, I’m looking forward to a nice dinner with my boy, then on to finishing up the book I'm reading ... and I'm feeling good keeping my eye to the future. 


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