Monday Mull

The snow is falling. It looks like a white out from my window and it’s cold. I can feel the cold seeping through spaces that should have been insulated if this old house had been better cared for over the years. Schools will be closed tomorrow, I already received the call. The weather dude is saying it’s going to be a huge storm and the view out the window makes it seem he’ll be right. Cody dog with his south x southwest roots doesn’t like the snow. He’s made that clear so I’ll have to keep a place cleared on a grassy area.

My boy passed out at school this morning and I had to pick him up from the nurse’s office. That was before the snow started to fall. It’s about the blood you know. Every time he has a class that is covering a biology topic and they discuss blood, he passes out. It’s not the first time. Over the years I’d say he’s passed out three or four times and always when blood was involved. He’s not planning for a medical career.

I have a job that pays the bills and when I returned from picking up my son my phone rang and it was my ‘boss,’ the guy that has taken to calling me (I work from a home office) more than he should. Always seeming to want to know something but doesn’t quite ask what he wants to know. So I stumble around the conversations throwing out bits of information about what I’m working on and its success. I wish I could retire but I have a boy and a dog to support.

Today Pen-L Publishing is having a .99 cent sale on new books now until February 14. I purchased Washed in the Water Tales from the South by Nancy Hartney.

Washed in the Water: Tales from the South offers vignettes of folks living the best they know how as they reach out for redemption. Set between 1950 and 1980, each tale stares at an individual as unique as the humid landscape of the South. Hard lives, daily survival, and lessons about getting on with the business of living reverberate among the characters.
I also caught up with a young new author over the weekend, Kristy Woodson Harvey. I wrote a blog post introducing her upcoming book yesterday. Dear Carolina will be released in the spring.

I picked up Out with the Tide by Lola Faye Arnold, also a new author. A line in the notes mentions it's a love story and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’d say a love story is appropriate.

I’ll be finishing up Jackson Pond, Texas by Teddy Jones in the next day or so and will have a review posted soon. I like this book much more than I expected.

That closes out my Monday Mull, the weather will keep me in most of this week and I’ll spend that time when I'm not working with a good book and a good drink. I hope your week‘s weather will be much more enjoyable.

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