Monday Mull

Sometimes a weekend just flows as did this one past. My boy and I ran errands on Saturday morning, and then I cooked up a mess of ribs that came out so incredibly tender and juicy and smelled like heaven. I know they tasted good because I was told so; I haven’t even tried them myself because I spent the rest of the evening out. On Sunday, the plan was to hang out at home but that was quickly put aside by a text asking if I wanted to go to an antique flea-market and well of course I wanted to do that because what the heck is a antique flea-market!

The drive was a real pleasure along the river to our destination two counties away. At first sight I thought we had made a bad decision as we pulled into a very large parking lot that held two strip malls in a row. The first strip mall was completely boarded up and in disarray. The second held a very large building reminiscent of 1970 strip mall architecture and it was our destination. We parked and headed toward the building in the cold, noting the economic decline all around. Through the doors were rows and rows of vendors, vibrant, engaging and selling anything and everything from plumbing parts to girls leggings to antique furniture and collectibles. Music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s played over the loud speakers and couples and families browsed the ten or so aisles that covered what seemed to be the area of a football field. We walked every aisle stopping to marvel at toys that we had as children that were now considered highly valuable. We saw pieces of furniture and d├ęcor that were reminders of our youth, things about which we had to reminisce and the music played making it a virtual walk down memory lane. It wasn’t at all what I expected.

After a few of us made purchases, we headed out a bit weak in the knees from walking the football field. Heading toward town, one of us had talked about a restaurant he had seen on a previous visit this way that looked to be good and that’s where we went. An American Grill, Whistling Willies was excellent. I started off with a bourbon drink and later ordered French Onion Soup that was perfectly made and a portabella and roasted pepper with warm feta cheese and spinach quesadilla, unique and delicious. My boy ordered the surf and turf burger which was a large homemade burger cooked to perfection with a very large lump of fresh lobster on a pretzel bun with a side of sweet potato fries. I don’t even remember what the others ordered, I was so delighted with what my boy and I had to eat.

It turned out to be a delightful day even though the cold was somewhat biting.

Now it’s Monday morning and I’ve been drinking coffee and watching the morning news. The schools were on a delay this morning so my boy got to sleep in longer than normal. He was hoping they would decide to close but that didn’t happen and I’m still wondering why there was a delay since there isn’t any snow outside and the road in front of this home is not icy as the weather man is reporting. I have an appointment during the lunch hour today so whatever the problem may be on the road; I’m hoping it disappears in time for my trek.

On a whim, I decided to take the day off from work. I sent in an email earlier (I work from a home office) letting “them” know I am “not feeling well” today and I’m not well at all. I don’t generally feel well when I have to work at a job that I no longer have an interest in doing. Not because I don’t like what I do but because of how the “powers that be” act and treat people. So, I’m “not feeling well.”  If companies would only pay attention and realize that if they don’t treat their employees well, they will not get the productivity they are looking for every day and every day counts. Every day that the employee is put off from the conversation they want to have, every day that the employee is told to prove again and then they’ll talk about why they aren’t paying you your worth, and every day that the employee’s resources are whittled down is a day that portends a lack of productivity. So, “I’m not feeling well.”

Today I’ll make some phone calls to people I need to reach out to and work on my writing. I’ll make hot tea and try to keep warm. I’ll go to my appointment, and then enjoy a nice lunch. I’ll wonder why I am where I am in this cold place and remember it’s only temporary. I’ll think about ways to work at something I love and I’ll stop procrastinating.  Oh but the cold, yeah the cold, I just don’t like it.

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