Buggin' out

Photo: Unknown Source
Skeeter season is coming ... I was just reading an article about those nasty little mosquitoes.
I. am. sure. God had a reason for them. I just don't know it. 
But it started me to thinking about a time when I was living at the ranch and my ex was with his cousin stacking hay in the old barn down in the field. Well, they must have been down there almost all the day and at a certain time of year there are plenty skeeters. I had practically forgotten about them as I sat in my favorite surveying position on the front porch. (My surveying position was pretty sweet, could see most all the valley). Around sundown, they pulled up in the truck and got down to start into the house.
It was a sight I will never forget. 
Both my ex and his cousin were covered with skeeter bites. Big ones, puffy and red ones. They looked like ompalompa's from a distance and 'creatures' close up. It was hard not to stare. 
My ex had bites on his scalp, his legs, his ears. Somehow the buggers got up their pant legs and into the nether regions or they somehow went straight through their denim. His arms were covered and his face ... jeez, I'd never seen anything like it. I'm sure they ate their share too. 
...but the hay got stacked and the work was done. Now when I think back, it gives me a good chuckle and I wish I had taken a picture of my ex ... ... ... hmmm ... well, maybe not.


  1. Okay I am itchy just reading that! I couldn't imagine. It also reminds me of a story...my sister and I had to go load a truck with square bales on a hot evening right when the mosquitoes were at their prime. They were so thick that we dressed in two layers of pants, three shirts and tied our hoodies so tight around our faces we could only see out a little hole. It was BRUTAL! I will never forget the constant hum of all those bloody mosquitoes that night!

  2. Hey ranchmomma, Thanks for dropping by. I just checked out your blog and I'll have to look into that Visalus ... I'm in the same boat. Been trying to cut out the carbs (which of course are my favorite). I 'clicked' to follow along. ~M


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