I wish and I ask ... Time to reset

Time to reset, time to wish big, time to ask God. What are you wishing and asking  for today? Join me in sharing.
  • I wish and ask that my boy always has love and happiness in his life
  • I wish and ask that my boy has success in all that he tries
  • I wish and ask that we have happiness in returning home to the high desert
  • I wish and ask that we always find ourselves in the right place at the right time
  • I wish and ask that I'll get to have another border collie in this lifetime
  • I wish and ask that all the pieces fall together in the best way possible
  • I wish and ask that all silent wishes are fulfilled, yours and mine
  • I wish and ask that I make a good go of my business  and as a rep for Cowgirl Dirt
  • I wish and ask for financial success and stability
  • I wish and ask that I get to attend the Kentucky Derby someday
  • I wish and ask for good health for myself and my boy
  • I wish and ask that I achieve my weight and fitness goals
  • I wish and ask that love, happiness and success is at hand for all my friends and family
  • I wish and ask that a cure for cancer and all prolonged illnesses is found
  • I wish and ask for God's blessings everyday and
  • I pray and ask that God will bless you too!

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