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One of the things I still love is the written letter. Who doesn't like to receive a handwritten note in the mail?!? There is a certain pleasure in it.
It's the moments between seeing the letter in your mailbox and finding a comfortable place to sit and read that are the most exciting. In those moments you have a faint expectation. In those moments you wonder what lies inside as you carefully inspect the handwriting on front and back.
If you are like me, you will try to extend those moments. Put everything aside, perhaps prepare something to drink and settle in a comfortable chair with your letter.
I have been following The Gracious Girl blog written by lovely Mindy Lockard for quite some time. I am enchanted by all things gracious, lovely and mannerly. I'm not all of those things all of the time, but I do try.
My mom purchased my first set of stationery for me when I was a young child and I learned the importance of a well written note. It's kind of sad that so many people choose other methods of communication ... notes on Facebook, texting, email and twittering. I've succumbed to the ease and immediacy myself but I am making an effort to refrain. Even as I make that admission, I'm happy to report that I have put quite a bit of effort into making sure my boy minds his manners and knows how to write a proper note. He gets the importance ... and for a 14 year old boy, that's a good thing.
So it pleases me that The Gracious Girl is carrying on and making note writing interesting and fun, adding a touch of calligraphy. In this video, Miss Mindy cleverly shows us how to DIY! Check out her site to see how she partners with Sheaffer pens and Crane & Co stationery to build interest in the art of writing.

... and next time you are out, stop by your local stationery shop and pick up a box of note cards. I'm pretty sure a friend of yours will be excited to hear from you ... just because.
Crane & Co Limon Green Stripes Note


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  1. I certainly agree with you on that, I still write thank you notes every Christmas & on birthdays to people for gifts. I've also been known to pull off the random thank you... it feels good to do it!


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