Win's Way: The Story of a Rescue Border Collie

Last night I read Win's Way: The Story of a Rescue Border Collie. Just 76 pages of easy reading, I was done in no time at all. The author Gretchen Finch writes such a sweet little story of an aging border collies who tells his life story to a curious border collie puppy.
This is a lovely story to read to children, a story that will capture your heart.
The author is also a a fine painter and has produced some very beautiful watercolors. Have a look at her website and read her blog.

I've always loved border collies having grown up with my sweet Tippy who got his name because when he was a puppy, he looked like he was going to tip over when he was walking. He grew out of it but the name stayed.
Tippy and I were the same age approximately and I remember vaguely, but mostly the just stories about how Tippy would herd my sister and me. He was such a beautiful, gentle soul who had an incredible capacity for love ... as most dogs do. Tippy lived a good long time, he was 21 when he crossed the bridge and he gave so much in those years.
I really want to adopt another BC and hope to do just that when we get back to New Mexico in July.

Give Win's Way a read ... it will warm you!

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