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Miss Leigh from The Sugar & Spice Ranch in Bandera, TX just posted on Facebook about a speech her 13 year old daughter wrote for school about ‘injustice.’ I love when proud Mama’s share about their kids success and after reading this heartfelt speech I was just so impressed with her writing and her ability to share her convictions on a topic that is, at the very least, controversial. Since I am in agreement with this young lady’s opinion, I contacted Miss Leigh and asked permission to post the speech here.
Horse Holocaust
By Patricia McCourt
What’s going on? Where is my owner? What is this place? Get me out of here! I’m starving. I’m scared. Clink. Another horse just died in a slaughter house. This was what was running through her mind.
These helpless creatures’ lives are completely controlled by humans. We own them, take care of them, and are fully responsible for their fate. Horses rely on us for food, shelter, medical care, companionship and most importantly, love. There are many owners who just throw that responsibility out the window, and send their horses to slaughter. And there are also people who run these slaughter houses illegally and inhumanely in this country and all over the world.
Horse slaughter reminds me of the Holocaust in a way. Mindless killing in factories of death. These horses are killed for cruel and unnecessary reasons. Maybe their owners don’t want them anymore, or don’t find them useful because of an injury. They are killed for their meat which isn’t even that desirable or popular. You can go a whole life time without tasting horse meat. You’ll survive. Before horses are killed they are kept in horrible conditions and are given little or no food. These slaughter houses are literally the concentration camps of the 21st century.
People need to learn more about this issue. Honestly, how many of you already know about it? How many times has it crossed your mind? The importance of this problem needs to be spread. I can’t stress how crucial to remove this ugly section of our society. The people who think this is ok need to be put behind bars. The people who run these slaughter houses need to be put to death in my opinion, to justify all the innocent lives they took.
If everyone opens their eyes and looks at the hideous massacre taking place all around them we can end it once and for all. We can’t let horses be silenced even if they can’t speak. Horses would never intentionally hurt people, their natural instinct is to flee, not fight. That’s why we must fight the monsters who refuse them the right to live.
Not long ago, our President signed a bill to re-introduce horse slaughter. I don’t always agree with what The Human Society has to say but I agree with their pitch to end horse slaughter. For more information about issues that threaten horses, check out Equine Destiny and Habitat for Horses.
and the good people at The Sugar & Spice Ranch are doing their part to care for as many horses as they possibly can while providing wonderful bonding opportunities for Mama’s and their daughters. Wish I had a daughter but I do have a pretty cool 14 year old boy … but I digress. I appreciate what Miss Leigh had to say this morning …
“as you know...I am a business woman and my business is horses. But, I am first and foremost a horse woman. Every horse I have ever had the blessing to have come to my ranch I have made a promise to. They will never leave this place...this is their home and they are my family. They are my children and they are my heart and soul. I share my world of horses with anyone that wants to be touched by them and leave here a better person. I have rescue horses that have come here and they know they are safe...and I will continue to do this as long as there is breath in my body!!!” Leigh McCourt 05.01.12
There really isn’t a reason to slaughter horses just because they are no longer useful or for food. There are people who can and want to care for them until they reach their time naturally. Just as we fight to insure that cats and dogs are not caused pain and suffering, we should do so for horses as well.
Find out more about The Sugar & Spice Ranch at their website and check out their Facebook page too. If you get an opportunity to visit their ranch, tell ‘em I said hi and give a ‘high five’ to that sharp young lady, Miss Patricia.
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  1. Maria, thank you so much for sharing Patricia's work. She is a beautiful spirit and is not afraid to speak her mind.

    For all of you out there that have sons and not daughters...hint, hint, Maria :) We also, have some amazing packages at our Wyoming location that all can attend. For more information check our fan page on Facebook or our website as well.


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