Derby time! Do you have a pick?

For years I have been dreaming of a chance to go to the Kentucky Derby, wear a great hat, drink a Julep, see some beautiful horses and win a race for sure. It’s on my bucket list! Of course I’ll have to make sure I don’t encounter any of the seedier side of horse racing in order to truly enjoy the day. I think I’d want to hang out for a while in the paddocks and check out the stables. I wonder if they would let me bring snacks for the horses. Probably not!
Then later, I’d want to get dressed up and join the party! Check out my hat picks below.
Here is a great Julep recipe I found at Garden & Gun mag. It’s from How to Mix Drinks by Bill Edwards, published 1936 and sounds like a keeper to me.
Southern Mint Julep
1 glass of Bourbon
4 sprigs fresh mint
1/2 tbsp. powdered sugar
In a julep cup, crush the mint leaves and sugar lightly together, add bourbon and fill glass with cracked ice; stir gently until cup is frosted. Decorate on top with 3 sprigs of mint.

Photo property of Garden & Gun Magazine
I also found several recipes for Kentucky Burgoo that look wonderful. That’s a meal, I’d love to try. It looks delicious … and seems to be a popular dish at Derby parties.
Photo by Epicurian
I don’t know much about betting or odds or race horses in general. I just think horses are beautiful and I like their names. Check out meet the horses on the Derby website. The people who seem to know about these things are betting Union Rags is a hot ticket. He is a rather pretty horse.
Photo by  Reed Palmer Photography/Churchill Downs
Then there is Dullahan, another pretty horse who is a half-brother to New Mexico’s Mine that Bird who won the Derby in 2009 when most said he couldn’t. Ha! I love an underdog. I can’t pronounce Dullahan’s name properly but his jockey is adorable and from that fine state of Louisiana.
Photo Kentucky Derby-by Coady Photography
Look at that sweet face looking so calm and determined. Yeah, Dullahan is a cutie for sure! So you can see, I don’t base my likes on statistics. Just on cuteness and other superficial things … Ha-ha!
The question I really have to consider is whether I would wear the Derby hat. Darn sure I’d drink the drink but the hat … not sure unless …
I might be able to pull off this look that I found on Etsy by Carolina Hat Girl
Photo Carolina Hat Girl
But I might get better use from this great SunBody Hat … if I add a beautiful silk flower off to the side to match my fabulous dress (ummm, which I don’t own yet).
Photo SunBody
On the other hand since the day is also a celebration of Cinco de Mayo, perhaps I should add a bit of southwestern flare with this SunBody Mexican Green (Pressed) Palm Cattleman from Old Town Hat Shop. But then I wouldn’t be channeling my inner Southern Belle
Photo Old Town Hat shop
But since I won’t be attending the 138th Kentucky Derby, I really don’t have to worry about having any of these things. I will be on hand though, to watch the fastest 2 minutes in sports to see if I even came close with my picks and have a ‘spirit’ … or two.
Visit the Kentucky Derby site for party ideas and more …
Have you been to or want to go to a Derby? Add a comment and share.


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  1. Hey Maria! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I don't really know how to bet either but I do love to just look at their beauty, I'm a barrel racer so speed comes second nature to me. Btw I've heard such great things about Cowgirl Dirt, I've never tried it before but it is one of those items on my must try list!

    1. Hey, thanks Raquel! I've been following Horses & Heels for a while now on FB.
      I am just enchanted by these strong and beautiful animals. I love to watch them and be around them even though I don't ride. I'm the person who likes to bring the snacks to the stables and cheer the events though I'm not beneath mucking a stall for a friend.
      I am glad we connected today. Stay in touch!


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