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Well, I am almost at the end of my calling cards so I've been looking around at new designs. The card I carry now is a very basic Crane & Co. calling card with only my name on the front ... very traditional. I wanted it that way so I could add the contact information I choose to give that particular recipient. I don't always share all details with all people. Actually if you look back to the history of calling cards, you'll find that most cards only carried the persons name and plenty of room for them (or the recipient) to make notes.
My personal card
Now though, I think I would like to find something different but still keep it somewhat traditional. Perhaps my name and a small design or watercolor background on front with contact details on the back. If I can create a nice design, I'd like it to eventually be the header for this blog which means I want it to capture the essence of what I feel when I think about beach walking in the desert. 
But what is Beach Walking in the Desert?
The title came to me in stages ... This blog was at first titled just Beach Walker. You see I spent a great deal of time walking on some beautiful beaches in my time and I was living by a beach when I started this blog back in 2008. Yet many years of my life were spent living in the high desert, a place to which I will soon return. Thus, the addition of a whole other thought, the desert ... each a separate thing yet in my mind, they became a whole thought.
Does that make any sense? Probably not, but there's more!
 ... it seems my life is that of a beach walker ... finding treasures as I go, capturing moments in time, being drawn to complete opposites, each powerful in it's own way and yet loving each. So, it makes sense to me. The sensual feelings associated with a beach are the same feelings that can be associated with a desert. The heat of the sun common to both.
So with all that said, I played around with a app I found online and came up this:
The back of the card would have all my contact details
I think the colors give a sense of heat and sun but it's not just right somehow, it's missing the point. The red is too red perhaps. The yellow, too yellow. Should it be more coral or is the bottom tan/grey swirl just right for the whole card? Should it be a design and not a watercolor background?
...or should it be something completely different?
What do you think? ... Can you make a suggestion? Click on comment below and let me know!

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